About Me: I am pursuing a PhD in linguistics with an interest in phonology and sound change. Hailing from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, I am also interested in the sub-phonemic organization of my dialect of Canadian English. Outside of my studies, I am heavily involved with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) as a participant and a municipal liaison for the Vancouver region. I also have a great fondness for post modern and medieval literature.

Research Interests:

  • phonetics-phonology interface
  • phonologization and sound change
  • historical phonology
  • sociophonetics
  • BC English
  • Norwegian


  • 2016 – MA in Linguistics, University of Toronto
    • “Front Vowel Phonology of British Columbia English”
  • 2015 – BA in Linguistics and English, Simon Fraser University
  • 2014 – Certificate in the Linguistics of Speech Science, Simon Fraser University





Courses Currently Teaching