Colloquium: Angela Cooper

Dr. Angela Cooper (University of Toronto) will be presenting a colloquium entitled “Variation and adaptation in speech perception across development.” All are welcome to attend.


Abstract: Understanding spoken language involves matching the incoming acoustic input onto stored linguistic representations, a process complicated by the fact that the input can vary considerably between speakers, resulting from differences in vocal tract size and speaking rate to the presence of an accent. How do children and adults perceive and accommodate this variation in speech production? In this talk, I will present several lines of research addressing this question. I will discuss my work examining the developmental trajectory of children’s ability to adapt to accented speech as well as the phonetic adjustment mechanisms that may underlie these adaptation processes. Additionally, I will present work on how young children perceive speech produced by other children and its implications for the nature of early lexical representations. Together, this work sheds light on how linguistic and non-linguistic information shapes a child’s ability to accommodate and adapt to the linguistic diversity they encounter in the real world.


Note: This talk *is* eligible to fulfill LOC requirements.