Colloquium: Yuanyuan Wang

Dr. Yuanyuan Wang (The Ohio State University) will be presenting a colloquium entitled “Phonological biases in language acquisition.” All are welcome to attend.


Abstract: Typological investigations indicate that many languages share specific patterns regarding their phoneme inventories, syllable structures, and phonotactics, despite the surface differences. For example, CV is the only syllable type that is always licit across the world languages. Do such typologically well-attested patterns reflect phonological learning biases? In this talk, I present empirical work on the biases related to syllable structure. Specifically, I ask whether infants come to phonological acquisition with a bias to attend to syllable onsets. I also discuss the origins of such biases and what results mean for phonological theory, language acquisition models, and early interventions for language and communication disorders​.


Note: This event *is* eligible to fulfill LOC requirements.