LinguisticsNOW Colloquium: Dr. Akira Omaki

The inaugural talk in the LinguisticsNOW colloquium series will be given by Dr. Akira Omaki (University of Washington) on the topic of  “Grammar and parsing of filler-gap dependencies in children.”


Dr. Akira Omaki’s research focuses on the intersection of language development and language comprehension and production at the sentence level. He is interested in how these processes are constrained by linguistic knowledge as well as cognitive mechanisms like attention and memory.


Note the special location: Room 2270 (the Sauder Industries Policy Room) of SFU’s Harbour Centre campus downtown.


The LinguisticsNOW talk series is jointly sponsored by the Departments of Linguistics at UBC and Simon Fraser University. These talks will be held twice a year (March and September), and will bring exciting new work in linguistics to the Northwest.