Research Seminar: Kedrick James

Dr. Kedrick James will present a research seminar on The Use of Formal (i.e., Grammatical) Constraints in Writing Pedagogy.



This presentation concerns the educational use of formal linguistic constraints in writing pedagogy. I will demonstrate the Cultural Fluency Linguistic Assessment Tool and its use in the strategic assessment and evaluation of writing within an applied linguistic framework that draws on genre and rhetorical theory, systemic functional linguistics and traditional grammar to help teachers and communication professionals make informed judgments and guide individual development of writers across genres. The aim of this seminar is to demonstrate creative uses of conventional genre features within the context of creative writing prompts to functionally teach both language and literacy simultaneously.


*Note: This event is eligible for LOC credit. That said, we remind students to please treat this event respectfully: please attend only if you are able to be present for the entire presentation and discussion (within the posted time limits, i.e. arriving by 12:30 and staying until 1:30), and understand that this is a high-level, research-oriented session. The topic and discussion may not be entirely accessible to those without a fair bit of linguistic training.