Undergraduate Colloquium: Daniel McCloy

Dr. Daniel McCloy (University of Washington) will be giving an Interdisciplinary Research Talk directed toward undergraduates at this time. All are welcome to attend, but only undergraduates may ask questions.


TitleHow does your brain represent speech?

Abstract: There are many ways in which our brains can be said to “represent” speech.  From the cochlea to the cortex, different kinds of information are extracted from the speech we hear, but in most cases we’re not consciously aware of those details unless we choose to focus on them.  In this talk I’ll describe how my research on auditory attention exposes some limits in our ability to narrow our focus onto specific parts of the sound we hear; then, I’ll describe how my research on phonological knowledge bypasses attention to look more directly at how our brains process incoming speech.



The event will be in Room 1003 of the Ponderosa Commons Oak House.

Food of some sort will be provided.

Note: This event *is* eligible to fulfill LOC requirements.