New book: Sqwéqwel’s Nelh Skelkekla7lhkálha: Tales of Our Elders

The latest book from the UBC Occasional Papers in Linguistics is now available for purchase and download!

Sqwéqwel’s Nelh Skelkekla7lhkálha: Tales of Our Elders features 15 stories told by well-known Upper St’át’imcets speakers Bill Edwards, Martina LaRochelle and Sam Mitchell, as recorded in the 1970s by linguists Jan van Eijk and Aert Kuipers. The stories consist of personal reminiscences and historical incidents, and one legend. Each story is presented in the original St’át’imcets, in an English translation, and finally as a fully analyzed text featuring a detailed interlinear gloss. The volume should be valuable for advanced language learners and teachers, as well as linguists and anyone with an interest in Salish languages and culture. The volume is the second in a series of Upper St’át’imcets texts, jointly published by UBCOPL and the Uper St’át’imc Language, Culture and Education Society (USLCES).