NWLC 2013: The 29th Northwest Linguistics Conference

NWLC2013_logoThe Northwest Linguistics Conference is an annual conference for graduate students in linguistics to share their work in a friendly atmosphere, and meet colleagues from other universities, both locally and internationally. The venue rotates on a four year cycle among University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and the University of Washington.

The 29th NWLC was hosted at the University of British Columbia. See below for conference handouts/slides, the call for papers, important dates, and other information.


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Conference Presentations

If you were a conference presenter and would like to make your slides/handout available, please send them to the conference organizers. UBCWPL will be sending out a call for proceedings within the next couple of months.

Special Session on Information Theoretic Approaches to Phonology

  1. Tsung-Ying Chen, Anne-Michelle Tessier and Robert Kirchner (University of Alberta) “Probabilistic Selection of Input in Morphophonological Acquisition: a case study of Dutch:” Slides
  2. Tsz-Him Tsui (Ohio State University) “Contrastiveness and diachronic variation in Chinese nasal codas”
  3. Alexis Black (UBC) “Representations and Statistical Learning: The role of memory constraints in language acquisition”
  4. Commentator Session (Kathleen Currie Hall, Gunnar Hansson, Paul Tupper)

PLENARY: Kathleen Currie Hall (UBC) “Roles for Information Theory in Phonology”

Phonotactics and Suprasegmentals

  1. Kevin McMullin (UBC) “Similarity and half-rhymes in a corpus of Red Hot Chili Pepper lyrics”
  2. Blake Allen (UBC) “Principled Limits on Phonotactic Leak”
  3. Zoe Lam (UBC) “Approaches to Nata verbal morphophonology”
  4. Nick Travers (UVic) “L2 Discourse Intonation in Short Talks: Analysis and Instruction”

Syntax I: Adjuncts and DP-Syntax

  1. Sihwei Chen (UBC) “Parameterized Syntactic Categories of Adverbials”
  2. Meaghan Fowlie (UCLA) “Optional, transparent and strictly ordered: the trouble with adjuncts”
  3. Caitlin Keenan (Harvard University) “Peculiarities of the Abkhaz DP”

Interface Session on Nata

  1. Jamie Ma (UBC) “The Disappearance of the final vowel with the Nata Passive”
  2. Joash Gambarage and Hermann Keupdjio (UBC) “The Status of Reduced Wh-Phrases in Nata”
  3. Dayanqi Si (UBC) “Tone Assignmnt on Nata Deverbal Nouns.” Slides
  4. Sophia Walters (UBC) “Tense and Aspect in Nata: Mapping Past Narrative, Evidence and Event Types”

Syntax II: Syntax and Discourse

  1. Sonja Thoma (UBC) “Bavarian Discourse Particles at the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface”
  2. Yasemin Tulpar (University of Alberta) “The discourse functions of the sentence-final particle ki in spoken Turkish.” Slides
  3. Hailey Hyekkyeong Ceong (UVic) “The Hearsay Evidential Feature in Korean”
  4. Adar Anisman (UVic) “Mixed Hebrew and English CMC in Hebrew Language Online Communities”

Special Session on Modality and Temporality

  1. Adriana Osa Gomez Del Campo (UBC) “Future Expressions in Nata, a Bantu Language”
  2. Meagan Louie (UBC) “The Temporal Licensing of Causal Conditionals in Blackfoot” handout slides
  3. Grant Kao (National Tsing Hua University) “What Makes a Mandarin Complement Clause Subjunctive” Handout
  4. Commentator Session (Claire Turner, Lisa Matthewson, Hotze Rullmann)

PLENARY: Claire Turner (UBC) “The Interaction of Tense with Circumstantial and Epistemic Modals in Two Central Salish Languages .” Slides

Semantics and Iconicity

  1. Lucia da Silva (UBC) “Negative Polarity Items in Brazilian Portuguese”
  2. Salman Aljarbou (UVic) “The semantics of the Urban Najdi Arabic prepositions fi: and bi’in”
  3. Hoda Zare (University of Manitoba) “The Relationship between Iconicity and Grounding” Slides
  4. Danielle Lindenlaub (UVic) “The Perception of Iconicity in ASL”

Syntax III: Argument and Event Structure

  1. Parisa Erfani (SFU) “Azeri Causative Variation: The effect of Persian on causative construction.”
  2. Xin Zhao (University of Southern California) “An existential-internal analysis of locative VP constructions in Mandarin”Handout
  3. Emily Sadlier-Brown (UBC) “The Nata double-object construction: Implications for applicative and (as-)symmetrical typologies.”

Workshop on Linguistic Databases

Joel Dunham (UBC) “The Online Linguistic Database” Slides

Lexical Statistics and Simulated Learning

  1. Michael McAuliffe (UBC) “Sources of lexical statistics affect model performance”
  2. Scott Mackie (UBC) “Modelling sound change through iterated learning”

Important Dates

NWLC 2013: April 26th-27th, 2013

Conference Proceedings information: TBA

Conference Proceedings deadline: TBA

Call for Papers

The Department of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia is pleased to host the Northwest Linguistics Conference from April 26-27th, 2013. We invite graduate and undergraduate students to submit abstracts for 30 minute talks (20 minute presentation + 10 minutes for discussion) in any area of theoretical or applied linguistics.

This year we will have two special themed sessions:

(1) Issues in Modality and Temporality: This session broadly welcomes papers related to the semantic issues of modality, temporality, or interactions thereof.

Session 1 Plenary Speaker: Claire Turner (UBC)

(2) Information-Based Approaches to Phonology: This session welcomes any papers that take an information/statistical/probabalistic approach to phonological phenomenon.

Session 2 Plenary Speaker: Kathleen Currie Hall (UBC)

Abstracts must be at most two pages long (including data and references), on a letter-size sheet (8”1/2 by 11”) with 2 cm margins, and typed in at least 12-point font. Abstracts that do not follow the above format will not be accepted. Submissions are limited to 1 individual and 1 joint abstract per author. We especially encourage abstracts related to one of the two special sessions outlined above, although research in all areas of linguistics is welcome.

Abstracts must be submitted in PDF format to the contact e-mail: nwlc29.2013@gmail.com

Contact Information

Location (Local Information, Accommodation)

Session I and II were held in Buchanan D218 and D219 respectively.

A map from the bus loop to Buchanan can be accessed here:

“Crash Space”

If in need of a place to stay while at NWLC, please contact Sihwei Chen at sihwei@interchange.ubc.ca .

Conference Organizers