Skill-Swapping Workshops

These are semi-regular, student-organized workshops in which students and faculty exchange expertise in research techniques. In each session, someone leads the members through the basics of some technique (often software). From Praat to LaTeX, from statistical software to statistical thinking – we try to cover anything that will be of use to those doing research.

Time & Location: Totem Field Studios – Please seeĀ our events calendar.

Workshop Organizers: Michael Fry and Robert Fuhrman (,

Upcoming Sessions

Please see our events calendar for a complete list of upcoming workshops.

Workshops from Previous Years

“How To” for the departmental Website – Led by: Gunnar, Hotze & Masaru

Library Research Tools Take 2: Tools for Keeping Current – Led by: Susan Atkey (Linguistics Librarian)

LaTeX workshop – Led by: Martin Oberg — Martin is planning to take us through an example of how to convert a .doc file (full of graphs and example numbers) to a LaTeX file.

Paradigm (software for running experiments) – Led by: Yuwen Lai

LaTeX – Led by: Tyler Peterson

Bibliographical Software – Led by: Martin Oberg, Mario Chavez-Peron, Mark Scott, Elizabeth Ferch, Yuwen Lai

Praat Scripting 1 – Led by: Yuwen Lai

Praat Scripting 2 – Led by: Donald Derrick

R (statistical software) – Led by: Anita Szakay

Library Research Tools – Led by: Susan Atkey (Linguistics Librarian)

* Donald has kindly given us the slides he used for the Praat-scripting workshop – they can be downloaded (as a .zip file) below.