My linguistics heart has two loves: tense and aspect, and speech acts.

Regarding the first one, I have spent most of my time reading and doing research on the tense and aspect systems of Bantu languages, which sometimes feels like the Ulysees of the tense/aspect world. I have been lucky enough to work on Nata (E45, Tanzania) with the guidance of Joash Gambarage and the Nata Working Group, a.k.a. NaWoG. My latest work on the language, however, focuses on domain widening and free choice items in the language (click on the “Publications” sections to see what is going on!).

Regarding the second one, I am very excited about the work that is coming out of the Syntax of Speech Acts project, otherwise known as “The Eh Lab”, where we focus on discourse particles/markers and (yes) the syntax of speech acts. In this area I have been working on my own language ([European] Spanish).

My world outside of linguistics consists of plants (I originally wanted to study Botany), classical guitars (when I am homesick), and 80s/90s action movies.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • Osa-Gómez del Campo, A. (2014). Future expressions in Nata, a Bantu language. In Zoe Lam and Natalie Weber (eds) Proceedings of the 29th Northwest Linguistics Conference.  UBC Working Papers in Linguistics 38, 141-152.
  • Heim, J., Keupdjio, H., Lam, Z., Osa-Gómez, A.,  and Wiltschko, M. How To Do Things With Particles. In Proceedings of the 2014 annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association.

Posters and talks

  • Osa-Gómez, A. 2015. Domain widening in Nata, a Bantu language. Paper presented at the 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics. Eugene, Oregon, March 26th-28th, 2015.
  • Osa-Gómez del Campo, A. (2013).Incompletion as a future marker in Nata, a Bantu language.  Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association. Victoria, B.C., June 1-3 2013.
  • Osa-Gómez del Campo, Adriana, and Walters, Sophia (2013). ‘Tense and Aspect in Nata’. Poster presented at the 29th North West Linguistics Conference; Vancouver, B.C., April 26th 2013.

Here you can find my CV