I am a PhD student in the UBC Linguistics Department. And since I am straight from Tanzania, I am a native speaker of two Bantu languages: Nata (the under described Bantu language spoken in Northern Tanzania) and Swahili.

My Research Interests:

I am interested in Bantu Phonology (particularly ATR Vowel Harmony), Bantu Syntax-Semantics/pragmatics and various Bantu Interface correlates (i.e., morpho-phonology ). Currently, I am working on Nata vowel harmony, vowel length, tone, and syntax. Apart from Nata, I also have interests in the Swahili Syntax particularly issues related to A-bar position and the Swahili vowel harmony.

Courses Currently Teaching

Gambarage, J.J. (2011). Mkanganyiko wa Dhana za Shina Kiini na Mzizi katika Mofolojia ya Kiswahili. Journal of Kiswahili Vol. 74 (1). 12-24.

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Gambarage, J.J. (2014). Tongue Root Restriction and Nominal Morphological Domains in Nata, UBC Working Papers in Linguistics.

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