I am a PhD candidate conducting research at the syntax-pragmatics and the pragmatics-phonology interface. My doctoral research investigates the contribution of intonation to the interpretation of speech acts. This research is inspired by my involvement in Dr. Martina Wiltschko’s Syntax of Speech Acts Project. My approach to linguistics is informed by my training in  formal linguistics and  a strong interest in combining qualitative and quantitative methods. You can get a first impression on my work from this poster presented at the 2nd Intonation Workshop in Toronto (2017).

Research Interests:

  • Intonational meaning
  • Syntactic integration of intonation
  • Discourse particles and Common Ground management
  • Syntactic integration of speech acts and interaction
  • Focus constructions and focus particles
  • Gapping constructions and island violations

Courses Currently Teaching

2018   Engl 330 The Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Words, UBC

Courses taught in the past

2013   English Syntax, University of Tübingen

2012   Teaching Grammar, Understanding Syntax, University of Tübingen

2012   Why Syntax Matters, University of Tübingen

2012   State exam colloquium, University of Tübingen (with Dr. Janina Rado)

Teaching assistantships

2017   Linguistic Theory and Analysis II, Michael Rochemont, UBC

2016   Language Myths, E. Vatikiotis-Bateson and L. Brinton, UBC

2015   Studies in Grammar, Jozina VanderKlok, UBC

2011   English Syntax, Jutta Hartmann, University of Tübingen

2010   English Syntax, Natasa Milicevic, University of Tübingen

2008   Greek I, Manfred Krzok, University of Tübingen

2007   Greek I, Manfred Krzok, University of Tübingen

Recent Publications:

2016 Bicevskis, K., J. de Vries, L. Green, J. Heim, J. Božic, J. D’Aquisto, M. Fry, E. Sadlier-Brown, O. Tkachman, N. Yamane, & B. Gick. Effects of mouthing and interlocutor presence on movements of visible vs. non-visible articulators. Canadian Acoustics 44 (1), 17-24.

Heim, J., H. Keupdjio, Z. W. M Lam, A. Osa-Gómez, S. Thoma & M. Wiltschko. (2016) Intonation and Particles as Speech Act Modifiers: A Syntactic Analysis. Studies in Chinese Linguistics, 37(2), 109-129.

Wiltschko, M., & J. Heim. (2016) The syntax of confirmationals. In: G. Kaltenböck, E. Keiyer and A. Lohrmann, Outside the Clause: Form and function of extra-clausal constituents, 305-340.

Heim, J. (2015) Expertise and Common Ground: An Experimental Investigation of Swabian gell. UBCWPL Qualifying Papers Volume.

Heim, J. (2015) Understanding Focus Sensitivity in the Context of Pre- and Post-Positional German nur. UBCWPL Qualifying Papers Volume.


Unpublished Manuscripts:

Heim, J. & M. Wiltschko, The complexity of speech acts: evidence from speech act modifiers.

Heim, J. The distribution of intersubjective gell.

My CV can be downloaded here [last updated: 14 December 2017].