People ISRL

Lab Members

Bryan Gick — Director

Murray Schellenberg — Lab Manager

Heather Bliss – Postdoctoral researcher

Ryan Taylor – Postdoctoral researcher

Khia Johnson – Graduate Research Assistant

Megan Keough – Graduate Research Assistant

Lauretta Cheng – Undergraduate Research Assistant

Colin Jones – Undergraduate Research Assistant

Collaborators at UBC

Members of the UBC Linguistics Department
May Bernhardt – School of Audiology and Speech Sciences
Sidney Fels – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alan Hannam – Oral Health Sciences (Emeritus)
Carol Jaeger – Electrical and Computer Engineering
William McKellin – Departments of Anthropology, Sociology
Janet Werker – Department of Psychology
Ian Franks – School of Human Kinesiology
Romeo Chua – School of Human Kinesiology

Collaborators at Other Institutions

Diana Archangeli – University of Arizona
Sonya Bird – University of Victoria
Donald Derrick – MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney & NZILBB, University of Canterbury
Carol Fowler – Haskins Laboratories
Jen Hay – NZILBB, University of Canterbury
Fusheini Hudu – University of Ghana
Khalil Iskarous – Haskins Laboratories
Sunyoung Oh – City University of Hong Kong
Ian Stavness – University of Saskatchewan
Douglas Whalen – Haskins Laboratories
Ian Wilson – University of Aizu, Japan / CLR Phonetics Lab

Affiliated Labs