Produced at UBC

In addition to the “usual” academic output of scholarly journal articles and other publications, members of our department have created or helped to create a variety of other resources in linguistics:


Artisynth — ArtiSynth is a 3D modeling platform that supports the combined simulation of multibody and finite element models, together with contact and constraints.


eNunciate (Visible Speech Project) — A project using ultrasound and video imaging of speech sound articulations to help students learn exactly how we make the speech sounds of the world’s languages. Useful for both linguists studying articulatory phonetics and students of particular languages trying to figure out how to pronounce sounds appropriately.


Infant Bookreading Database — A databased containing information on English-language books being read to children aged 0-36 months, being provided for use by researchers interested in children’s books and bookreading.


Online Linguistic Database (OLD) — Free, open-source software for helping to facilitate linguistic fieldwork in terms of data collection, storage, and analysis.


Phonological CorpusTools (PCT) — Free, open-source software to facilitate doing phonological analysis on transcribed corpora.


SLPAnnotator — Free, open-source software to facilitate the phonetic transcription of sign languages.


Totem Field Storyboards — A resource site for the use of storyboards in fieldwork. Storyboards are a language data collection technique that tries to gather authentic speech with as little influence from English as possible. (See also the Syntax of Speech Acts lab website.)


Papers in Linguistics — The UBC Linguistics Department is also a publisher. We publish Working Papers, Occasional Papers, and publications related to several regular conferences.