Kinkade Reading Room

The Linguistics Reading Room in TFS 224 houses a unique collection of books, journals, working papers from several different universities, theses, unpublished manuscripts, and audio tape materials that function as valuable research resources for students and faculty in the department. We also house a collection of books and manuscripts donated by Dale Kinkade, including a large Salish component. In addition to being a stimulating place to browse for interesting research material, it’s also a great place to study!

The Reading Room Collection

We are currently upgrading our library database software. A link to a searchable database will be available soon.

Usage Policies

Please note: This is not a circulating collection. No materials are to be taken out of the Reading Room. There is a photocopier in the room, and materials can be copied right there — with due care please for the fragile state of some of the manuscripts.

When you take material off the shelf or out of a filing cabinet, please note exactly where it came from, and return it to its original home when you have finished with it. Thanks!

Please be sure that all windows are closed and that the Reading Room door is locked if you are the last person to leave the room.


If you need help finding or using any of these resources, please contact:

Linguistics Department Administrator
Edna Dharmaratne (; 604-822 -4256)

If you would like to use any of the Audio Resources that are in the Linguistics Reading Room, please contact:

Linguistics Department Technical Support
Masaru Kiyota (