Current 447 Courses


Additional information will be added to each section of LING 447 as soon as it comes available. Please do not contact the Department. Thank you!


LING 447A-001.
Time:  T/Th,  11:00-12:30
Title:  This section will be on syntax
Pre-req: LING 300
Instructor:  TBA
Description: TBA

LING 447B-001
Time:  T/Th,  14:00-15:30
Title:  This section will be on phonetics/phonology
Pre-rq: LING 313
Instructor:  TBA
Description: TBA


LING 447D-001
Time:  T/Th, 9:30-11:00
Title:  Language Pedagogy for Theoretical Linguists
Instructor:  Strang Burton
Description:  A broad-level survey of research into language learning and teaching, with a focus on integrating formal linguistic knowledge into effective pedagogical practices. The course is designed for students with a background in formal linguistics who find themselves called to help with pedagogical development, as in working with communities with endangered languages.

LING 447E-001
Time:  T/Th, 11:00-12:30
Title: Nasals and Nasalization
Pre-req: LING 313
Instructor:  Gillian de Boer
Description: This course will explore aspects of typical nasalization such as physiology, acoustics, perception, and instrumentation.  If time allows, there will also be a discussion of disordered nasality.