Educational Background

M.A., University of Iceland, 1997

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2001
Dissertation: Theoretical and typological issues in consonant harmony

Areas of Interest

The main focus of my research is on theoretical phonology, and the demarcation of phonology as a component of grammar relative to morphology and phonetics. Currently my research primarily revolves around harmony systems, in particular consonant harmony, and the more general issue of non-local interactions in (segmental) phonology.

A central topic of interest is the interplay of diachronic and synchronic factors in shaping language structure, and thus the study of processes of phonologization (the emergence of systematic sound patterns from phonetic effects) and morphologization (the extension and/or reanalysis of sound patterns through analogical change).

I am also interested in various issues related to morphological paradigms and their manifestation: inflectional classes, allomorphy, syncretism patterns and paradigm gaps.

Languages I have worked on include Icelandic (my native language), Faroese (its closest relative), Saami (a.k.a. Lapp; Finno-Ugric), Turkish, Tsilhqot’in (a.k.a. Chilcotin; Athapaskan) and Yowlumne (a.k.a. Yawelmani; Yokuts).

Courses Currently Teaching

Winter 2016

LING405 Morphology Sections

Analytic and theoretical consideration of the interrelation of word formation, sound patterning, and meaningful sentence structure. Not offered every year.

Winter 2016

LING505A Issues in Morphological Theory and Analysis - MORPH THRY ANLYS Sections

Morphology from both historical and theoretical perspectives.

Winter 2016

LING530B Linguistic Problems in a Special Area - PROB IN SPC AREA Sections

Winter 2016

LING510 Phonological Theory and Analysis Sections

Discussion and critical analysis of current issues in phonological theory.

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