Research Interest Registration

This is a general form for undergraduate students to register their interest in getting involved in research in the UBC Department of Linguistics.

Please note that filling out this form in no way guarantees that a position will be found; the responses collected here are simply made available to researchers in the department when they are looking for potential assistants. If you have a particular area of research interest, you are encouraged to contact the relevant faculty member(s) directly to discuss what opportunities there might be to get involved. Regularly attending lab meetings in a particular area is a great way to get to know the people and research topics involved, and to make yourself known as well. You can see a list of research labs and groups in the department here.

Note that most of the research in the department revolves around theoretical linguistics rather than applied linguistics, and that being open-minded about possible research topics and areas is more likely to give you a positional match. Also, the more detail you can give about your past experiences / skillsets / languages / etc., the better your chances at being matched!

Finally, note that responses to this form will be erased at the beginning of each academic year, to ensure that information is relatively up to date, so please re-submit the form if you want to be considered for multiple years.

Research Interest Registration

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Would you be interested in working as a volunteer, or are you interested in being a paid RA?
  • Sometimes, research projects come up under direct supervisors who are not faculty / post-doctoral researchers. Most research in the department is ultimately overseen by such investigators, but e.g. graduate students and upper-year undergrads often have projects that they need help with. Please indicate which type(s) of supervisors you'd be willing to work for (select all that apply).
  • (Check all that apply.)
  • Please briefly describe the kind of commitment you are interested in -- e.g., number of hours weekly; length of commitment; etc. Please include some indication of your flexibility around these interests and your other commitments.
  • Use this space to include any other information that you think might be relevant for people looking for research assistants. E.g., languages you are familiar with, past research experience, particular interests or skillsets, etc. The more specific / detailed you are with respect to your interests, languages, experiences, and skills, the more likely we are to be able to match you with a research project!


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