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Our graduate students are actively engaged in ground-breaking research as part of their programs.

Discover successfully defended theses and dissertations from our alumni.

2024 Alumni

Adebara, Ifeoluwanimi (PhD)
Towards Afrocentric natural language processing 

Lloy, Line (MA)
Humans with human voices: gender presentation in a gender diverse corpus

Shamei, Arian (PhD)
Speech postures are postures : towards a unified approach to postural control in gross and fine motor skills

2023 Alumni

Angsongna, Alexander (PhD)
Aspects of the morphophonology of Dagaare

Huijsmans, Marianne (PhD)
Second-position clitics, from morphosyntax to semantics : the ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Comox-Sliammon) perspective

Oliveira Salles, Raiane (PhD)
Functional categorization parameters : argumenthood with functional heads other than D in Carioca Brazilian Portuguese and Pirahã

Soo, Rachel (PhD)
Perception, recognition, and encoding of Cantonese sound change variants

2022 Alumni

Tkachman, Oksana (PhD)
Embodiment and emergent phonology in the visual-manual modality : factors enabling sublexical componentiality

Lo, Roger (Yu-Hsiang) (PhD)
Post-stop fundamental frequency perturbation in production and perception of Mandarin stop voicing  

Anghelescu, Andrei (PhD)
Prosodic phonology in Nata

2021 Alumni

Guntly, Erin Alisa (PhD)
‘Yeah, I doubt it.’ ‘No, it’s true.’ How paradoxical responses impact the common ground

Akinbo, Samuel Kayode (PhD)
Vowel harmony and some related processes in Fungwa

Aonuki, Yurika (MA)
Relative pronominal tense: Evidence from Gitksan, Japanese, and English

Bosurgi, Alexandra (MA)
Reexamining gender stereotype effects in speech processing : a replication of Strand (2000)

Johnson, Khia Anne (PhD)
Crosslinguistic similarity and structured variation in Cantonese-English bilingual speech production

2020 Alumni

Osa Gómez del Campo, Adriana (PhD)
Epistemic (mis)alignment in discourse : what Spanish discourse markers reveal

Fry, Michael David (PhD)
Grammaticus ex machina: Tone inventories as hypothesized by machine

Keupdjio, Hermann Sidoine (PhD)
The syntax of A′-dependencies in Bamileke Medumba

Amoako, Wendy Kwakye (MA)
Assessing phonological development among Akan-speaking children

Weber, Natalie (PhD)
Syntax, prosody, and metrical structure in Blackfoot

2019 Alumni

Crippen, James A. (PhD)
The syntax in Tlingit verbs

Gambarage, Joash Johannes (PhD)
Belief-of-existence determiners: Evidence from the syntax and semantics of Nata augments

Heim, Johannes M. (PhD)
Commitment and engagement: The role of intonation in deriving speech acts

Keough, Megan (PhD)
The role of prior experience in the integration of aerotactile speech information

Ozburn, Avery (PhD)
A target-oriented approach to neutrality in vowel harmony

Yuan, Yifang (MA)
Response markers in Mandarin Chinese conversation: A corpus-based case study of shi, dui, xing, hao and the variants of shi

2018 Alumni

Black, Alexis K. (PhD)
How perception constrains statistical learning across development

Chen, Sihwei (PhD)
Finding semantic building blocks: Temporal and modal interpretation in Atayal

Lam, Wai Man (PhD)
Perception of lexical tones by homeland and heritage speakers of Cantonese

de Oliveira Andreotti, Bruno Luis (MA)
Interpreting derived stative predicates: Evidence from ʔayʔaǰuθəm

2017 Alumni

Burge, Heather (MA)
Prospective aspect in Tlingit

Mackie, James Scott (PhD)
Simulating the evolution of consonant inventories

McClay, Elise Kedersha (MA)
Focus in Ktunaxa: Word order and prosody

Stelle, Elizabeth Leigh (PhD)
Visual feedback during speech production

Thoma, Sonja Christine (PhD)
Discourse particles and the syntax of discourse: Evidence from Miesbach Bavarian

2016 Alumni

Allen, Blake H. (PhD)
Bayesian models of learning and generating inflectional morphology

Fund-Reznicek, Ella (MA)
Communication and coordination between singers performing duets

Glougie, Jennifer Robin Sarah (PhD)
The semantic and pragmatics of English evidential expressions: The expression of evidentiality in police interviews

Littell, Patrick William (PhD)
Focus, predication, and polarity in Kwak’wala

McMullin, Kevin James (PhD)
Tier-based locality in long-distance phonotactics: learnability and typology

Moewaki, Ayako (MA)
Quantifiers in Kwak’wala

Noguchi, Masaki (PhD)
Acquisition of allophony from speech input by adult learners

2015 Alumni

Abel, Jennifer Colleen (PhD)
The effect of task difficulty on speech convergence

Bicevskis, Katie (MA)

Visual-tactile integration and individual differences in speech perception

Božič, Jurij (MA)

Spell-out of phonological domains: the case of Slovenian

Chiu, Cheng-hao (PhD)

Startling auditory stimulus as a window into speech motor planning

Gutiérrez, Analía (PhD)

Segmental and prosodic complexity in Nivaĉle: laryngeals, laterals, and metathesis

Liu, Tianhan (MA)

Modal concord in Mandarin

Louie, Meagan (PhD)

The temporal semantics of actions and circumstance in Blackfoot

McAuliffe, Michael (PhD)

Attention and salience in lexically-guided perceptual learning

Toews, Carmela Irene Penner (PhD)

Topics in Siamou tense and aspect

2014 Alumni

D’Aquisto, Joseph Paul (MA)

Visual discrimination of French and English in inter-speech and speech-ready position

Dunham, Joel Robert William (PhD)

The online linguistic database : software for linguistic fieldwork

Fuhrman, Robert (MA)

Vocal effort and within-speaker coordination in speech production : effects on postural control

Sherer, Laura (MA)

Nominalization and voice in Kwak’wala

Vincent, Audra (MA)

Coeur d’Alene Aspect

2013 Alumni

Bliss, Heather (PhD)

The Blackfoot configurationality conspiracy: parallels and differences in clausal and nominal structures

Greene, Hannah (MA)

Verb classes in Kwaḱwala

Lyon, John (PhD)

Predication and equation in Okanagan Salish: the syntax and semantics of determiner phrases

Menzies, Stacey (MA)

Nsyilxcen modality: semantic analysis of epistemic modality

Schellenberg, Murray Henry (PhD)

The realization of tone in singing in Cantonese and Mandarin

Yamane, Noriko (PhD)

‘Placeless’ consonants in Japanese: an ultrasound investigation

2012 Alumni

Scott, Mark (PhD)

Speech imagery as corollary discharge

Szakay, Anita (PhD)

The effect of dialect on bilingual lexical processing and representation

Thompson, James J. (PhD)

Syntactic nominalization in Halkomelem Salish

Waldie, Ryan James (PhD)

Evidentiality in Nuu-chah-nulth

2011 Alumni

Arkoh, Ruby Becky (MA)

Semantics of Akan bi and nʊ

Armoskaite, Solveiga (PhD)

The Destiny of Roots in Blackfoot and Lithuanian

Christodoulou, Christiana (PhD)

Cypriot Greek Down syndrome: their grammar and its interfaces

Derrick, Donald (PhD)

Kinematic patterning of flaps, taps and rhotics in English

Fujimori, Atsushi (PhD)

The correspondence between vowel quality and verbal telicity in Yamato-Japanese

Jacobs, Peter (PhD)

Control in Skwxwu7mesh

Jóhannsdóttir, Kristín M. (PhD)

Aspects of the progressive in English and Icelandic

Sterian, Laura Andreea (MA)

The syntax and semantics of gap and resumptive strategies in Iraqi Arabic D-linked content questions

2010 Alumni

Chávez-Peón, Mario (PhD)

The interaction of metrical structure, tone, and phonation types in Quiaviní Zapotec

Hudu, Fusheini (PhD)

Dagbani tongue-root harmony: a formal account with ultrasound investigation

Mudzingwa, Calisto (PhD)

Shona morphophonemics: repair strategies in Karanga and Zezuru

Peterson, Tyler (PhD)

Epistemic modality and evidentiality in Gitksan at the semantics-pragmatics interface

2009 Alumni

Caldecott, Marion (PhD)

Non-exhaustive parsing: phonetic and phonological evidence from St’át’imcets

Ferch, Elizabeth (MA)

Number and the scope of indefinites

2008 Alumni

Brown, Jason (PhD)

Theoretical aspects of Gitksan phonology

Cook, Clare (PhD)

The syntax and semantics of clause-typing in Plains Cree

Kiyota, Masaru (PhD)

Situation aspect and viewpoint aspect: from Salish to Japanese

Koch, Karsten (PhD)

Intonation and Focus in Nɬeʔkepmxcin (Thompson River Salish)

Mühlbauer, Jeffrey (PhD)

kâ-yôskâtahk ôma nêhiyawêwin: the representation of intentionality in Plains Cree

Steriopolo, Olga (PhD)

Form and function of expressive morphology: a case study of Russian

2007 Alumni

Barczak, Leszek (MA)

Towards an analysis of Yorùbá conditionals: its implications for the phrase structure

2006 Alumni

Ajíbóyè, Ọládiípọ̀ (PhD)

Topics on Yorùbá nominal expressions

Bar-el, Leora (PhD)

Aspectual distinctions in Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh

Gillon, Carrie (PhD)

The semantics of determiners domain restriction in Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh

Namdaran, Nahal (MA)

Retraction in St’át’imcets: an ultrasonic investigation

Picanço, Gessiane L. (PhD)

Mundurukú phonetics, phonology, synchrony, diachrony

Wilson, Ian (PhD)

Articulatory settings of French and English monolingual and bilingual speakers

2005 Alumni

Campbell, Fiona (MA)

The gestural organization of North American English /r/: a study of timing and magnitude

Oh, Sunyoung (PhD)

Articulatory characteristics of English /l/ in speech development

Perkins, Jeremy (MA)

The RTR harmonic domain in two dialects of Yorùbá

Quis, Dominique (MA)

The voice of a forgotten people: on the reconstructed etymology of the Beothuk (Shawthrut) self-designation sakanak ‘red indian people’

Ravinski, Christine (MA)

Grammatical possession in Nuu-chah-nulth

Ruangjaroon, Sugunya (PhD)

The syntax of WH-expressions as variables in Thai

Wojdak, Rachel (PhD)

The linearization of affixes: evidence from Nuu-chah-nulth

2004 Alumni

Jones, Susan (MA)

Progressive aspect and distributively quantified objects: a semantic/pragmatic account

McDowell, Ramona E. (MA)

Retraction in Montana Salish lateral consonants

Shank, Scott (PhD)

Domain widening

Shiobara, Kayono (PhD)

Linearization: a derivational approach to the syntax-prosody interface

2003 Alumni

Gessner, Suzanne (PhD)

The prosodic system of the Dakelh (Carrier) language

Gormley, Andrea (MA)

The production of consonant harmony in child speech

Kalmar, Michele (MA)

Patterns of reduplication in Kwak’wala

Kim, Eun-Sook (PhD)

Theoretical issues in Nuu-Chah-Nulth phonology and morphology

2002 Alumni

Baptiste, Maxine R. (MA)

Okanagan wh-questions

Kim, Soomee (MA)

Aspirates in Korean: perspectives on coalescence, CK, and gemination

2001 Alumni

Blake, Susan J. (PhD)

On the distribution and representation of schwa in Sliammon (Salish): descriptive and theoretical perspectives

Glougie, Jennifer (MA)

Topics in the syntax and semantics of Blackfoot quantifiers and nominals

Hirose, Tomio (PhD)

Origins of predicates evidence from Plains Cree

Howe, Darin M. (PhD)

Oowekyala segmental phonology

Rosen, Eric (PhD)

Phonological processes interacting with the lexicon: variable and non-regular effects in Japanese phonology

2000 Alumni

Kaneko, Ikuyo (MA)

A metrical analysis of Blackfoot nominal accent in optimality theory

Strauss, Uri (MA)

Phrase structure and verb movement in Hebrew and English imperatives

1999 Alumni

Bob, Tanya (MA)

Laryngeal phenomena in Tahltan

Caldecott, Marion (MA)

A comparison of glottalized resonants in Sənčaθən and St’át’imcets

Gessner, Suzanne (MA)

Laryngeal processes in Chipewyan and other Athapaskan languages

Nakamura, Yumiko (MA)

The syntax of possessor raising

1998 Alumni

Bar-El, Leora (MA)

Verbal plurality and adverbial quantification a case study of Sk̲wx̲ú7mesh (Squamish Salish)

Horseherder, Nicole (MA)

Binding-theoretic analysis of Navajo possessor YI-

Lai, I-Ju Sandra (MA)

The grammar and acquisition of Secwepemctsín independent pronouns

Suzuki, Takeru (PhD)

A theory of lexical functors light heads in the lexicon and the syntax

Uechi, Akihiko (PhD)

An interface approach to topic/focus structure

1997 Alumni

Blain, Eleanor M. (PhD)

Wh-constructions in Nêhiyawêwin (Plains Cree)

Chang, Lisa (MA)

Wh-in-situ phenomena in French

Currie, Elizabeth J. (MA)

Topic time: the syntax and semantics of SqwXwu7mish temporal adverbials

Leitch, Myles F. (PhD)

Vowel harmonies of the Congo Basin: an optimality theory analysis of variation in the Bantu zone C

Li, J. Cora R. (MA)

Bei and the passive in Cantonese

Sanchez, Monica (PhD)

Syntactic features in agrammatic production

Shahin, Kimary (PhD)

Postvelar harmony an examination of its bases and crosslinguistic variation

Turkel, William J. (MA)

On triggered learning

1996 Alumni

Jiang-King, Ping (PhD)

An optimality account of tone-vowel interaction in Northern Min

Matthewson, Lisa (PhD)

Determiner systems and quantificational strategies evidence from Salish

Rosen, Eric (MA)

The postposing construction in Japanese

1995 Alumni

Ọla, Ọlanikẹ (PhD)

Optimality in Benue-Congo prosodic phonology and morphology

Qu, Yanfeng (PhD)

Object noun phrase dislocation in Mandarin Chinese

Thompson, William (MA)

Paradigms and the acquisition of agreement morphology in German

Valerga, Vanessa N. (MA)

Phonological representation of Spanish vibrants

1994 Alumni

Choi, Sohee (MA)

Korean vowel harmony: an optimality account

Howett, Catherine (MA)

On the classification of predicates in Nłe?képmx (Thompson River Salish)

Jimmie, Mandy N. (MA)

A prosodic analysis of Nłek̉epmx reduplication

Li, Erica Wen (MA)

Passives in Mandarin Chinese

Roberts, Taylor (MA)

Subject and topic in St’át’imcets (Lillooet Salish)

1993 Alumni

Bessell, Nicola J. (PhD)

Towards a phonetic and phonological typology of post-velar articulation

Hunt, Katharine D. (PhD)

Clause structure, agreement and case in Gitksan

1992 Alumni

Blake, Susan J. (MA)

Two aspects of Sliammon (ɬáʔamɪnqən) phonology: glide/obstruent alternation and vowel length

Millard, David (MA)

The prosodic structure of Finnish and the theory of phonological government

1991 Alumni

Fee, E. Jane (PhD)

Underspecification, parameters, and the acquisition of vowels

1990 Alumni

Remnant, Daphne E. (MA)

Tongue root articulations: a case study of Lillooet

1988 Alumni

Andrews, Christina (MA)

Lexical phonology of Chilcotin

Bagemihl, Bruce (PhD)

Alternate phonologies and morphologies

Paradis, Johanne C. (MA)

The syllable structure of Japanese

1987 Alumni

Davis, Henry (PhD)

The acquisition of the English auxiliary system and its relation to linguistic theory

1986 Alumni

Nakata, Masahiko (MA)

Verbal compounds in Japanese: implications for morphological theory

Roberge, Yves (PhD)

The syntactic recoverability of null arguments

1985 Alumni

Elesseily, Nagat H. (MA)

Subject extraction from embedded clauses in standard Arabic

Ross, Martin (MA)

Japanese lexical phonology and morphology

1984 Alumni

Belvin, Robert S. (MA)

Nisgha syntax and the ergativity hypothesis

Thompson, Wendy (MA)

Reduplication in Nisgha

1982 Alumni

Hébert, Yvonne M. (PhD)

Transitivity in (Nicola Lake) Okanagan

Tse, Sou-Mee (PhD)

The acquisition of Cantonese phonology

1981 Alumni

Preuss, Renate Jutta (MA)

Colour naming in young children

1980 Alumni

Chan, Marjorie K.M. (MA)

Zhong-shan Phonology: A Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis of a Yue (Cantonese) Dialect

Fee, E. Jane (MA)

The relationship between mothers’ pronominal modifications and children’s acquisition of pronominal reference

Morgan, Lawrence R. (MA)

Kootenay-Salishan linguistic comparison : a preliminary study

1979 Alumni

Suzuki, Yoshiko (MA)

Directional verbs in English and Japanese

Woods, Howard B. (PhD)

A socio-dialectology survey of the English spoken in Ottawa: a study of sociological and stylistic variation in Canadian English

1978 Alumni

Pattison, Lois Cornelia (MA)

Douglas Lake Okanagan: phonology and morphology

Placzek, James Anthony (MA)

Classifiers in standard Thai : a study of semantic relations between headwords and classifiers

1977 Alumni

de Wolf, Gaelan (MA)

Tlingit phonology in a generative framework : an examination of phonological processes and abstract representation

Gerdts, Donna B. (MA)

Dialect survey of Halkomelem Salish

Nokony, Alicia Alexander (MA)

Meaning development in one child acquiring Dakota-Sioux as a first language

1976 Alumni

Gibson, Deborah Jean (MA)

A thesis on eh

Sándi, Gábor (MA)

The phonology of the dialects of England

Stevenson, Roberta C. (MA)

The pronunciation of English in British Columbia : an analysis of the responses to the phonological section of the Linguistic Survey of B. C., Postal Questionnaire (PQ3)

Wigod, Rebecca (MA)

The matter of metaphor and its importance for linguistics

1975 Alumni

Hawes, Lorna Joy (MA)

Some theories of language typology and language change

Matsuda, Hiroshi (MA)

A transformational study of Japanese reflexivization

1974 Alumni

Beckett, Eleanor (MA)

A linguistic analysis of Gurma

Machado-Holsti, Mina Estrela (MA)

Generative-transformational sketch of Portuguese syntax : a computer model

Ogawa, Toshimitsu Augustine (MA)

Study of Japanese relativization

1973 Alumni

Davison, Annie Souren (MA)

Interrogatives, negation and linguistic play in three children acquiring French as a first language

Powell, Mava Jo (MA)

Semantic analysis of ‘because’

1972 Alumni

Morshed, Abul Kalam Manzur (MA)

The phonological, morphological and syntactical patterns of standard colloquial Bengali and the Noakhali dialect

1971 Alumni

Ogawa, Nobuo (MA)

On the Japanese passive form

Swoboda, Leo John (MA)

Lillooet phonology, texts and dictionary

1969 Alumni

Kenwood, Christopher Michael (MA)

A study of slang and informal usage in the newspaper

1967 Alumni

Olaya, Norma Peralta (MA)

A phonological grammar of a dialect of Ilokano

Peralta-Pineda, Ponciano Bendiola (MA)

Tagalog transformational syntax : a preliminary statement

Staume, Guido (MA)

A glottochronological analysis of Latvian and Russian

Tan, Evangeline K. (MA)

The phonology of Tausug : a descriptive analysis

Yap, Fe Aldave (MA)

Synchronic analysis of Tagalog phonemes

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