Educational Background

2003, B.A., Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2007, M.A., Linguistics, The Ohio State University

2009, Ph.D., Linguistics, The Ohio State University

Areas of Interest

My research focuses on answering questions in theoretical phonology using techniques from a wide variety of areas, including experimental phonetics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, semantics, and information theory.

The kinds of questions I am interested in are:

  • what discrete categories of sound do language users extract from a continuous acoustic signal?
  • what relationships may hold between these sound categories in a given language?
  • what patterns and processes apply to these categories?
  • what linguistic information do these categories convey?
  • how do language learners acquire these categories?
  • to what extent are these categories, relationships, and processes psychologically real and reflected in perception and production?
  • what cognitive processes have led to these categories, relationships, and processes?
  • how can these categories, relationships, and processes be modeled in an objective and predictive way?

Courses Currently Teaching

Winter 2017

LING200 Linguistic Theory and Analysis I Sections

Introduction to phonetics and phonology; training in the identification and production of speech sounds; principles and methods for describing and writing the sound system of a language; phonological theory with reference to selected languages; the interface between phonology and morphology. Analytical practice and seminar discussion.


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