• University of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD (1993)
  • Université du Québec à Montréal, MA (1986)
  • University of Alberta, BA (1984)

Courses Currently Teaching

Winter 2016

LING319 Comparative and Historical Linguistics Sections

The historical study of language. Linguistic change. Language families and evidence for genetic relationship. Comparative method and internal reconstruction. Emphasis on phonological and morphological reconstruction. Not offered every year.

Sample Publications

  • Déchaine, R.-M. & M. Wiltschko. To appear. When & Why can 1st & 2nd Person Pronouns be Bound Variables?. Proceedings of Semantics Workshop on Pronouns, NELS 40.
  • Blain, E. & R.-M. Déchaine. 2007. Evidential Types: Evidence from Cree Dialects. IJAL 73.3:257-291.
  • Déchaine, R-M. & M. Wiltschko. 2002. Decomposing Pronouns. Linguistic Inquiry 33:409-422.
  • Déchaine, R.-M. On the Left Edge of Yorùbá Complements. Lingua 111:81-130.
  • Déchaine, R.-M. 1999. What Algonquian Morphology is Really Like: Hockett Revisited. In L. Bar-el, R.-M. Déchaine & C. Reinholtz (eds.) Papers from the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Native American Languages. (MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics 17, 25-72).
  • Déchaine, R.-M. & V. Manfredi. 1994. Binding Domains in Haitian. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 12:203-257.
  • Déchaine, R.-M. 1993. Serial Verb Constructions. In J. Jacbos et al. (eds.) Syntax: An International Handbook of Contemporary Research. 799-825. Berlin: de Gruyter.

Research Areas

  • Syntactic Theory
  • Categorization (in collaboration with M. Tremblay, UdeMontréal)
  • Syntactic Interface Relations (syntax-phonology interface, syntax-morphology interface, syntax-semantics interface, syntax-discourse interface)
  • Speech-Gesture Coordination