Courses Currently Teaching

Winter 2016

LING100 Introduction to Language and Linguistics Sections

Study of language as a universal and uniquely human cognitive system: What universals do all languages share and how do languages differ? An investigation of sound systems, word-building, grammatical principles, language change, dialect variation, language acquisition, neurolinguistics. Recommended but not required for an honours, major, or minor in linquistics or speech sciences.

Winter 2016

LING433 Native Languages of the Americas Sections

Survey of the indigenous languages of the Americas. Study of the basis of genetic classification and areal similarities. The structure of representative languages will be presented and contrasted. The present status of American Indian languages will be considered. Note: this course is not necessarily offered every year.

Winter 2016

LING445 Sociolinguistics Sections

The systematic study of language as a social phenomenon.