Heather Burge Indigenous Language Representation in Linguistic Classrooms

Friday January 29, 2021
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

This professional development workshop will present Indigenous perspectives on language, data, and representation in the classroom. The goal is to begin a discussion on how Indigenous languages can be represented in a way that aligns with Indigenous goals & Indigenous knowledge around language and language learning, and how TAʼs and professors can more respectfully engage with Indigenous languages when utilizing them in linguistic classrooms. An Indigenous Field Methods class from the University of Alaska Southeast, consisting of Haida, Tsimshian and Tlingit language scholars will also be in attendance.
Éedaa ḵa Heather yoo x̱at duwasáakw. A toot x̱at jiwduwataan, ach áwé Gaanax̱teidí áyá x̱at. Yéil náx̱ x̱at sitee. G̱uneiwtí ax̱ at aawatee, ach áwé ax̱ tláa yóo duwasáakw G̱uneiwtí Marsha Hotch. Ax̱ tláa tsú Judi Holder yóo duwasáakw. Dléit ḵaa yádi áyá. Jilḵaat ḵwaan ḵa Akwesasne ḵwaan x̱at sitee. Kanienʼkehá:ka dachx̱án. Gunalchéesh.
Éedaa Heather Burge is a PhD student in linguistic anthropology at UBC, an adjunct faculty member at the Universithy of Alaska Southeast and the program coordinator of the Haa Yoo X̱ʼatángi Deiyí: Our Language Pathways project, also at UAS. She earned her masters degree in linguistics at UBC as well. Her current research focuses on language revitalization of the Lingít language, and reciprocal relationships between Indigenous language communities and the academy.
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