Muhammad Abdul-Mageed research seminar: ‘Computational Linguistics in the UBC Deep Learning & NLP Lab’

Friday November 6, 2020
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Muhammad Abdul-Mageed will present a research seminar titled ‘Computational Linguistics in the UBC Deep Learning & NLP Lab’.

Click to join Zoom meeting. The passcode is 635410. (The meeting ID is 647 6334 5823.)

Title: Computational Linguistics in the UBC Deep Learning & NLP Lab

Abstract: Can we find a needle in a haystack? Probably not. Can we investigate human language use in every corner of the world, compare across individuals and micro-communities, and make discoveries about human experience vis-a-vis language? Two convergent factors make this otherwise despairingly ambitious goal seem more plausible than ever: Massive-scale, geo-tagged language data and modern deep neural networks. In this talk, I will describe ongoing work in the UBC Deep Learning and NLP Lab chasing knowledge about human language and new methods for uncovering such a knowledge. In particular, I will overview a number of recent neural network innovations and their applications in a host of contexts. This includes location-aware NLP with micro-dialects at scale [1, 2], multilingual machine translation [3, 4, 5], and computational socio-pragmatics [6, 7]. I then explore generalizations and extensions in a billion-scale dataset of 100+ languages in the context of COVID-19 [8, 9].