Graduate Admissions: Financial Aid


The UBC Department of Linguistics offers very generous financial support to excellent applicants, including Four-Year Doctoral Fellowships (4YFs), which can be topped up with additional funding from the department. Generally, the department aims to provide funding for all its graduate students who are in good standing, in both the MA and PhD programs.

Our current baseline funding for Ph.D. students in good academic standing is $22,000 (Canadian) plus tuition for five years of the Ph.D. program. For students in the MA program, we similarly strive to provide a $22,000 stipend plus tuition for two years, although funding for MA students is not officially guaranteed. Beyond this time-frame, we are often able to extend funding, subject to satisfactory progress through the program as well as available Teaching Assistant and or Research Assistant positions.

Qualifying for Financial Support

All applicants are automatically considered for financial support. You do not need to apply separately for any UBC-based scholarships or assistantships. Successful applicants will receive more information about funding with their offer of admission.

Sources of Funding

Graduate students in our department are funded from a combination of different sources:

  • department and university scholarships
  • external fellowships (for instance, SSHRC and NSERC)
  • Research Assistantships (funded by faculty research grants)
  • Teaching Assistantships

Consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information on these sources of funding.

Canadian Applicants: SSHRC/NSERC Fellowships

All prospective applicants who are Canadian citizens or residents are very strongly advised to apply for SSHRC and NSERC fellowships. The application deadline for these is usually early in the Fall, so it is essential to start this process early. Consult the SSHRC and NSERC websites as well as your current home university for details. If you are planning to apply for admission to our graduate program, we encourage you to get in touch early with one of our faculty members to explore suitable topics for your research proposal.

International Applicants

Applicants from other countries are considered for financial support from the department just like Canadians. You do not need to submit a special application. However, all international applicants are also strongly encouraged to explore potential sources of funding from their home country and to apply for any scholarships they might be eligible for.

See also the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for further information about funding for international students.