Graduate Admissions: Application Process

Online Application

To apply, please use the online application system of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Statement of Intent

Each applicant must submit a short statement of purpose (approximately 300 words) which indicates what he/she hopes to accomplish in the program. Please be as specific as possible in describing your research interests and explaining why you wish to join our department. This statement may either be included in your online application or sent to the department in hard copy. The Faculty of Graduate Studies website has some useful tips for writing your statement of intent.

Description of Core Linguistics Courses

To assess your preparation for particular courses, it is requested that you submit the following information about previous courses in phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics:

  • syllabus/course outline
  • reading list/main textbook
  • indication of how much of the textbook was covered
  • copy of term paper (if applicable)

This information can either be included in your online application, or sent to the department in hard copy.

Writing Sample

Applicants are also requested to submit a copy of a representative short paper which they have written. If possible this paper should be on a linguistic topic (or on any academic topic otherwise).

Transcripts and Letters

Applicants should arrange for academic transcripts and letters of recommendation from three referees to be sent directly to the department. See the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for details.

Please note that (unofficial) copies of transcripts will be accepted at the time of application.  However, originals will be requested if you are shortlisted for admission.  When sending original transcripts, please follow the guidelines for transcripts found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website

Application Fee

The Faculty of Graduate Studies website also gives information about the application fee.

Deadline: January 22

The deadline for application is January 22 for enrollment starting the following September. (Please note that the Linguistics Department does not accept applications for graduate enrollment in January.) The deadline for supporting documents and references is March 22.

Additional Documents

All documents (reference letters, transcripts, etc.) can be either uploaded as scanned documents with your application or mailed directly to the Department of Linguistics (NOT to the Faculty of Graduate Studies). For our mailing address, see the contact page.