A Statement on the Climate Strike

We are all invited to consider our role in climate change during the week of September 20–27, 2019. Friday, September 27 will be a particularly important day in this week, as it marks a worldwide strike. That day, millions of people worldwide will be striking from school and work to demand that the climate crisis […]

Galia Freiwirth wins Dharmaratne Award

Galia Freiwirth has been awarded the inaugural Edna Dharmaratne Award in Linguistics. The award recognizes students who embody a spirit of volunteerism and service. Galia is a Speech Sciences major in her fourth year. Here’s what curriculum review manager Wendy Trigg wrote about her: For many years, she has been an active participant in volunteer programs in […]

New volume from UBCWPL: Ruby’s Stories

UBCWPL has released a new book, T̓sit̓sa̱k̓ala̱mes Ruby: Ruby’s Stories. Here is the description: “T̓sit̓sa̱k̓ala̱mes Ruby: Ruby’s stories is a collection of 18 stories in Kwak’wala told by Ruby Dawson Cranmer, including traditional legends, historical incidents, personal memories and an instructional text. As the first modern-day collection of Kwak’wala narratives, the book will be of interest to […]

Congratulations 2019 Graduates!

We had excellent representation from the Department of Linguistics at graduation on Friday, 24 May! [kʰn̩ɡɹæts] to all of our graduates, including those majoring in Cognitive Systems, Linguistics, and Speech Sciences. We were especially delighted to have the newly minted Dr. Zoe Wai-Man Lam as the student speaker for the ceremony. Also, thanks go to […]

50th Anniversary Celebration

UBC Linguistics is celebrating its 50th anniversary. We would like to invite you to join us in our celebration! The event will take place from April 15-April 18 2019, at UBC Campus in Vancouver. The main locations will be Totem Field Studios and Stores Rd. Building. We look forward to seeing you there!

Congratulations — Student Leaders

Congratulations to the nine Speech Science & Linguistics students who were nominated for the 2019 Dean of Arts Student Leader Reception! Primarily for students on the cusp of graduation, this event honours the inspirational contributions that these students have made to their department and community during their time at UBC.

“Good Vibrations” and Understanding Speech

Work by Language Sciences members David Marino and Bryan Gick highlights the utility of tactile feedback in understanding speech in noisy environments. Read the full story here!     

Re-cap: Language Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference

The 2019 Language Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference (LSURC) was a resounding success! We offer a big THANK YOU to the organizers, led by conference co-chairs Ashley Chand & Paris Gappmayr; to the presenters and their mentors; to the judges; and to the audience members. Special congratulations go to the winners of the Best Oral and Poster Presentation […]

Gitksan Lab — In the spotlight!

Check out this great piece on the Gitksan Lab, put together by the UBC Language Sciences initiative.  

Congratulations to Bryan Gick, Newly Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to Professor Bryan Gick, who was recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Gick introduces himself here: and the full RSC press release can be found here. Bryan Gick’s pioneering work uncovering the basic mechanisms of spoken language is remarkable for its originality, impact and breadth. He has made […]