Harvard University
AB cum laude, Linguistics and Mathematics (1966) PhD, Linguistics (1970)

Employment History

Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Bedford, Massachusetts Research Scientist, Linguistics (1969-71)

Yale University, Department of Linguistics Visiting Lecturer (fall 1970)
Assistant Professor (1971-76)
Associate Professor (1976-80)

IBM Watson Research Center, Theoretical and Computational Linguistics Group (1972-73: part-time consultant)

Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, Connecticut Research Associate (1977-80)

Harvard University, Department of Linguistics Visiting Professor (1983-84)

City University of New York, PhD Program in Linguistics Visiting Associate Professor (1984-85)

University of Idaho, Department of English Visiting Professor (1990-91)

University of British Columbia, Department of Linguistics Head, 1980-83

Associate Professor, 1980 – 2008 (Retired July 2008) Washington State University, Department of English

Instructor, Fall Term 2016

Teaching experience:

General linguistics and linguistic theory: graduate and undergraduate courses in syntax and semantics (Yale, UBC, Harvard, CUNY Graduate Center, Idaho), graduate courses in research methods (Yale, CUNY Graduate Center) and mathematics for linguists (Yale), undergraduate courses in phonology and phonetics (UBC and WSU) and historical linguistics (UBC).

English linguistics: graduate and undergraduate courses in English syntax and semantics (Yale, UBC, Idaho), undergraduate courses in English phonetics (UBC).

Psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics: graduate and undergraduate courses (Yale, Harvard, CUNY Graduate Centre, UBC)

Applied linguistics and speech science: graduate and undergraduate courses in first and second language acquisition (CUNY Graduate Centre, UBC, Idaho), contrastive linguistics (Idaho), undergraduate two-term introduction to speech and hearing science (UBC), undergraduate anatomy and physiology of speech production with and without labs (UBC), graduate and undergraduate lab courses in acoustic phonetics (UBC), undergraduate courses in speech science and instrumental phonetics (UBC)

Courses Currently Teaching


English Quantifiers: Logical Structure and Linguistic Variation, The Taishukan Publishing Company, Tokyo (1973); second printing, Academic Press, New York, (1976)


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reprinted in:

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Syntactic and semantic theory, English syntax and semantics, French creoles, speech perception, acoustic phonetics, language acquisition, computer-aided instruction