• University of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD (1993)
  • Université du Québec à Montréal, MA (1986)
  • University of Alberta, BA (1984)

Courses Currently Teaching

Winter 2019

LING300 Studies in Grammar Sections

Introduction to syntactic analysis and theory, with emphasis on description and analysis of data from a wide variety of languages.

Winter 2019

LING530C Linguistic Problems in a Special Area - PROB IN SPC AREA Sections

Please see this .pdf file for a complete list of publications to April 2018.

Sample Publications

  • Déchaine, R.-M. & M. Wiltschko. To appear. When & Why can 1st & 2nd Person Pronouns be Bound Variables?. Proceedings of Semantics Workshop on Pronouns, NELS 40.
  • Blain, E. & R.-M. Déchaine. 2007. Evidential Types: Evidence from Cree Dialects. IJAL 73.3:257-291.
  • Déchaine, R-M. & M. Wiltschko. 2002. Decomposing Pronouns. Linguistic Inquiry 33:409-422.
  • Déchaine, R.-M. On the Left Edge of Yorùbá Complements. Lingua 111:81-130.
  • Déchaine, R.-M. 1999. What Algonquian Morphology is Really Like: Hockett Revisited. In L. Bar-el, R.-M. Déchaine & C. Reinholtz (eds.) Papers from the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Native American Languages. (MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics 17, 25-72).
  • Déchaine, R.-M. & V. Manfredi. 1994. Binding Domains in Haitian. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 12:203-257.
  • Déchaine, R.-M. 1993. Serial Verb Constructions. In J. Jacbos et al. (eds.) Syntax: An International Handbook of Contemporary Research. 799-825. Berlin: de Gruyter.

Research Areas

  • Syntactic Theory
  • Categorization (in collaboration with M. Tremblay, UdeMontréal)
  • Syntactic Interface Relations (syntax-phonology interface, syntax-morphology interface, syntax-semantics interface, syntax-discourse interface)
  • Speech-Gesture Coordination