About ISRL

The Interdisciplinary Speech Research Laboratory (ISRL) at UBC was established in 2000 through a New Opportunities infrastructure grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to Bryan Gick (Dept. of Linguistics), with collaborators in Neuroscience, Audiology & Speech Sciences, Linguistics, Psychology, and Electrical & Computer Engineering. The goal of the original proposal, created in collaboration with Guy Carden and Douglas Pulleyblank, was “to establish a centre for interdisciplinary research in the speech-related fields at UBC.”

Research conducted at the lab has been supported by grants from NSERC, SSHRC…etc

Excerpt from the original 1999 application to the BC Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF) for matching funds:

Speech research is currently undergoing exciting and important developments, with descriptive and theoretical advances that are finding applications in medicine and industry. For example, new models of phonological organisation are being incorporated into successful programmes of intervention for speech disorders; articulatory modeling offers potential for guiding reconstructive surgery; work on auditory neurophysiology and sensory processing in the cortex has demonstrated applications to the treatment of neurological disorders and to perceptually-based signal processing algorithms; and the dramatic increase in computing speed and power has allowed industry to begin implementing verbal human-computer interaction on an ever-greater scale.

Within this larger context, the proposed Speech Lab at UBC will provide integrated tracking, imaging, data acquisition, synthesis, and analysis systems to support acoustically and physiologally-based work in speech production and perception. The Lab’s systems will be coordinated with existing labs in Psychology, Audiology & Speech Sciences, Electrical & Computer Engineering and the Vancouver Hospital Voice Clinic, and will complement the imaging systems at the Brain & Spinal Cord Research Centre. In cooperation with existing facilities at UBC, the new Speech Lab will provide an infrastructure for descriptive, theoretical, and clinical research that will be competitive with the world’s best…

Interrelated research on speech in several units at UBC creates a unique environment for fostering significant advances in the study of natural language. The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Speech Research Lab will be to create a focus for these research activities, serving as a catalyst for enhancing current research initiatives while making possible a range of exciting new research…