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The Kinkade Collection: the On-Line Archive of Papers for the International Conference on Salish (and Neighbo(u)ring) Languages

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Kinkade Collection was accidentally archived. All papers are still available, but if you run across a broken link, you will need to add “legacy” to the beginning of the URL. E.g., http://lingserver.arts.ubc.ca/linguistics/icsnl/index can currently be located at http://legacy.lingserver.arts.ubc.ca/linguistics/icsnl/index, and so forth. We are in the process of fixing the links, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the Kinkade Collection, the on-line archive of Papers for the International Conference on Salish (and Neighbo(u)ring) Languages, hosted by the UBC Department of Linguistics website.

Introduction to the ICSNL Archive

The On-line Archive of ICSNL Papers

Announcement: All ICSNL volumes are now available online.

Please note:

  • The articles in this archive are working papers, and copyright remains with the authors. Our thanks to them for allowing us to distribute these papers electronically.
  • In many cases, these papers have been later revised and published in peer-reviewed journals or books. Readers are suggested to make sure a more recent version of an article isn’t available before citing the ICSNL version in their work.

If you have a question on the archive, please email:

Henry Davis (henry.davis@ubc.ca)