Educational Background

1977, B.A., University of Ibadan
1983, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

My primary research area is phonological theory, with interests in overlapping areas of phonetics, morphology, syntax and learnability. The focus of my work has been featural properties, for example, tone and vowel harmony. I have concentrated on African languages, particularly languages of Nigeria, and have a long-standing research interest in Yoruba.

Courses Currently Teaching

Winter 2019
No LING course(s) were found for W2019 term.Winter 2019
No LING course(s) were found for W2019 term.Winter 2019
No LING course(s) were found for W2019 term.

Please see this PDF file for a complete list of publications to April 2019.

Select Publications:

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