About Me: I am pursuing a PhD in linguistics with an interest in phonology and sound change. If you want a two word summary of my MA research, ask me to pronounce the words “bag” and “vague” for you. (I, like many others my age who grew up in BC, have a merger between /æ/ and /eɪ/ before /g/. “Bag” and “vague” definitely rhyme for me.)

I am currently doing fieldwork with speakers of ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Comox-Sliammon), a Coast Salish language. Generally, my research falls within phonetics, phonology, or morphology. At present, I am interested in sound changes from Proto-Salish and the morphophonology and semantics of reduplication, from a synchronic and diachronic (comparative Salish) perspective.

If I wasn’t a linguist, I’d probably be an archeologist or a historian. (I also have a great fondness for medieval literature.)

Research Interests:

  • historical linguistics
  • reduplication
  • sound change
  • sociophonology
  • pluractionality
  • BC English
  • ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Comox-Sliammon)
  • Comparative Salish


  • 2016 – MA in Linguistics, University of Toronto
    • “Front Vowel Phonology of British Columbia English”
  • 2015 – BA in Linguistics and English, Simon Fraser University
  • 2014 – Certificate in the Linguistics of Speech Science, Simon Fraser University





Courses Currently Teaching