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What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Linguists are interested in questions such as the following:

What are the structural properties of languages, at the of sounds, words, sentences, and meaning? To what extent are the languages of the world similar or different? How is language acquired, by children and in adulthood? How is it processed in the mind/brain? How do people produce and perceive speech? How do languages change over time?

Linguistics is a highly interdisciplinary field which combines research methods from the humanities and the social, natural, and mathematical sciences.

The Linguistics Society of America provides further information on the field.

Program Overview

The UBC Linguistics Department has five high-quality and very lively undergraduate programs in linguistics:

Our students are actively engaged in learning about all aspects of linguistics from the moment they enter the department. Our department currently has 14 faculty members, several visiting faculty and sessional instructors from many corners of the world. The department has excellent facilities in our two locations on the UBC campus, housing several research laboratories and numerous ongoing research projects.

Courses in Linguistics

Courses numbered 100-499 are undergraduate courses, whereas ones numbered 500 and above are graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) courses.

What Can I Do With My BA in Linguistics?

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