Prior to contacting an Advisor:

  1. Review requirements for your program on the Department’s “Undergraduate” website
  2. Review your Degree Navigator Report (current students)
  3. Prepare a course plan for completing your program
  4. Include your UBC student number in any correspondence



Mondays 2 pm – 4 pm

Thursdays 12 pm – 2 pm

Brock Hall Annex, Room 2354A

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be no drop-in advising on Thursday, April 27



Advising is also available by appointment. Please contact one of our Undergraduate Advisors by email to arrange a time:

Hotze Rullmann,

Wendy Trigg,




Graduate students in the Department of Linguistics offer tutoring on a volunteer basis. If you are seeking in tutoring in a Linguistics course, please contact Sihwei Chen, Tutoring Coordinator at Graduate students will be notified that an undergraduate student is seeking  a tutor in that course. If a graduate student indicates they are available, the two of you will be put in touch via email. Because this a a volunteer program, we are unable to guarantee that a tutor will be available.