The speech sciences major program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide a strong foundation in speech-language pathology and audiology.


The major in speech sciences requires 51 credits, with no more than 60 credits in linguistics and related areas, subject to the following requirements. In addition to the required linguistic courses, students must take upper and lower-level Psychology (PSYC) courses and Audiology (AUDI) courses.

Required courses:

  • LING 200, 201, 209 and 222
  • PSYC 101 and 102
  • LING 333 and STAT 203
  • LING 300, 311, 313, 314
  • LING 447
  • LING 451 or 452
  • An additional 9 credits* from AUDI 402, AUDI 403; LING 300-level and higher; selected PSYC 300-level and higher. *Students intending to apply for admission to a graduate program in speech-language pathology or audiology should use these credits to meet admission eligibility requirements for specific programs they will be applying to.

Recommended courses:

  • BIOL 155; LING 100* or 101*; MATH 002; PHYS 100 or 101; 341. (*Note: LING 100 and 101 are not for credit toward an Honours, Major or Minor in Speech Sciences.)

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