The UBC Himalaya Program will be offering two-week intensive Nepali and Tibetan language and community-engaged learning courses in summer 2019 in collaboration with the Department of Asian Studies.  These courses blend classroom instruction with experiential learning off-campus at Himalayan community sites in the Lower Mainland. This year, Nepali and Tibetan will be offered between April 29-May 10, 2019.  Learn more about the student experience here: and watch a video of last year’s Tibetan course.

UBC students may register through the regular Student Service Centre portal beginning this week according to their program and year, up until the start date of the courses. But please register as early as possible to secure your spot in these limited enrolment classes!

The course titles for the upcoming term (Summer 2019) are:
Nepali   – ASTU204E 001
Tibetan – ASTU204F 001

Questions? Please email us at

These courses are supported by grants from the UBC Teaching and Learning Engagement Fund and Centre for Community Engaged Learning Fund, and the Khyentse Foundation.


ASTU 400A – 2018, W, Term 2

Shaping Men: An Ethnographic Approach to Masculinities

This course aims at exploring the meaning associated to masculinity through different cultures. The class, drawing on the world-wide debates following the #MeToo movement, will rely on structuralist and post-structuralist philosophy (Foucault, Butler, theories of intersectionality, etc.) and aims to carry social change among its participants, while reaching to a broad audience of students coming from different Faculties. It is sponsored by Prof. Magliocco, from the Department of Anthropology.




A group of IR and Political Science students have created an initiative to expand opportunities for UBC students to engage with the Middle East in an academic context. They’re hoping to establish a Middle Eastern Studies program, expand Arabic language offerings, and expand Go Global opportunities in the Middle East North Africa region. A short survey has been created for students to express their level of interest in such programs. The survey concludes with a link to their facebook page and website if you’re interested in learning more.



Do you want to improve your French? Your English? Your Japanese? Your Arabic? Or any other language? The UBC tandem Language Learning Program pairs you with someone at UBC who speaks the language you want to improve and who wants to get better at the language that you speak.

No teaching experience is required – just enthusiasm! Activities and support are provided by a facilitator. The program runs once each semester – this term from September to November. Partners meet for 1.5 hours every week for a total of 9 weeks. You spend half of each meeting in each language – the one you’re learning and the one you’re teaching. In other words, you help each other! This is a fully student-run program, and it’s free! It’s also great for meeting people across cultures and participating in a lot of fun intercultural activities on campus.

For more information visit our website (, like our Facebook page ( for up to date information, or email us directly at

We look forward to receiving your application!
UBC tandem team



Are you looking for “Electives – Outside the Major”? The School of Nursing is offering the following topical new courses that are open to students in any degree program and have no prerequisites:

NURS 180 Stress & Strategies to Promote Wellbeing POSTER
NURS 280 Human Sexual Health POSTER
NURS 290 Health Impacts of Climate Change POSTER

BA students are allowed to take a limited amount of credit outside the Faculty of Arts toward their degree. Remember to check your Degree Navigator report after registration to ensure the credit applies as you expect.



Welcome to the Department of Linguistics! Your Advisors invite you to meet with them for a one-on-one advising session where you can discuss your program in Linguistics or Speech Sciences and ask any questions you may have about courses and planning your Major. Please contact Wendy Trigg at or Hotze Rullmann at to arrange a time. We look forward to meeting you!


“Linguistics in Industry” video

At the LSA’s 2015 Annual Meeting, linguists from Google, Microsoft, Lexicon Branding, and other leading companies spoke about their work and gave advice to students interested in pursuing an industry career.

A video of this panel has been recorded and posted to the LSA website, where it is available to watch for all members of the Linguistic Society of America. More information and a video link can be found at: