There are two tutoring services offered: graduate student tutors, and peer (undergraduate) tutors.

Graduate students in the Department of Linguistics offer tutoring for an hourly fee. If you are seeking in tutoring in a Linguistics course, please contact Robert Fuhrman, Tutoring Coordinator. Graduate students will be notified that an undergraduate student is seeking a tutor in that course. If a graduate student indicates they are available, the two of you will be put in touch via email. Because this a a volunteer program, we are unable to guarantee that a tutor will be available.

SALSA holds weekly peer tutoring sessions for LING 200, 201, 300, and 311 which are free for all SALSA members. If you don’t have a membership yet but would like some help, you can buy a membership for $5 at all tutoring sessions. Our tutors are all fellow SALSA members who have previously achieved an A grade in the target course and are able to use their previous experience and past assignments to help guide you through those sticky concepts.

Checkout the current schedule here:
SALSA tutoring schedule.